Powerful Data Security with PaymentMate® and TransArmor®

PaymentMate is a certified integration partner of the TransArmor solution offered by First Data®. TransArmor is a powerful, payment-card security, which combines the reliability of hardware-based encryption with random-number, tokenization technology.

With PaymentMate and TransArmor, data security is significantly increased to the highest quality with tokenization and true, end-to-end encryption in the POS smart terminal or web browser. PaymentMate also allows merchants to accept any type of payment within a single solution for added protection.

How PaymentMate works with TransArmor

Businesses using PaymentMate and the TransArmor, payment-card, data-security solutions significantly improve the protection of the card data at every stage of the transaction process. You can also help eliminate the risk of a data breach as well as offset the scope and costs of payment card industry (PCI) compliance. Below is an example diagram of the transaction flow.

Diagram Showing How PaymentMate Works with TransArmor