Electronic Check Processing

Check Processing Solutions

Provide your customers more payment choices, reduce the risk and cost of accepting checks and speed payment funding. These are just a few advantages to using the First Data® TeleCheck® services and our PaymentMate® check processing solutions. Advantages of our check-processing solutions:

  • More Choices: Build loyalty by giving customers an alternative to credit and debit cards as well as a choice in how they make the payment—in person, by mail, by phone, by mobile device or over the Internet—while eliminating interchange fees to you.
  • Less Risk: Take the risk out of accepting checks by leveraging the advanced scoring and decision capabilities of the TeleCheck dynamic risk engine that tracks the check-writing history of 98 percent of all U.S. point-of-sale check writers. With their verification service, you can confidently accept more checks while reducing bank fees and processing costs.
  • Faster Funding: Regardless of the type of checks you receive, the TeleCheck fast settlement helps you prevent and resolve exceptions, and we offer merchants a streamlined accounting and reconciliation process so checks are settled and you get funding within one to two days.

Choose the Right Check Processing for Your Business

Whether you own an online business, manage a chain of retail stores, or accept payments for service in your customers' homes, Tempus Technologies and TeleCheck have just the solution you need to reduce the risk and cost of accepting check payments from your customers, and significantly reduce the time for settlement and funding. We've been partners with TeleCheck for more than 10 years, providing proven check-processing our customers rely on. Choose from six check processing solutions:

  • Lockbox Pro21®
  • Quickly and easily collect paper checks via your lockbox and convert them into electronic transactions. With PaymentMate and TeleCheck Lockbox Pro21, you can lessen the time spent handling and depositing checks, while reducing bank fees and providing assurance that checks won't be returned.
  • Electronic Check Acceptance®
  • By converting consumer, business and government checks into electronic transactions, you save time, money and better protect your customers from fraud. PaymentMate and TeleCheck ECA® will reduce check-handling time and costs, streamline back-office processes, minimize errors, speed funding and offer customers greater security.
  • Checks by Phone
  • Give your customers more ways to pay by enabling them to make payments over the phone directly from their checking accounts. TeleCheck Checks by Phone and PaymentMate will instantly authorize payments while your customers are still on the line, minimizing potentially lost sales and revenue.
  • Remote Pay (Prearranged Payments and Deposits)
  • Provide a convenient way for customers to make recurring payments through their checking account and eliminate the hassle and risk associated with accepting paper checks. With PaymentMate and TeleCheck Remote Pay, you can easily accept prearranged payments and deposits from your customers.
  • Internet Check Acceptance®
  • With TeleCheck ICA®, expand your business and maximize online sales. Plus, by encouraging online consumers to pay using ICA, you’ll benefit from lower cost than card-not-present rates on credit card transactions. You'll also reduce fraud, speed funding and encourage repeat customer online visits. Our Tempus Technologies development team will create and host an online payment portal site to reach customers who prefer paying for their eCommerce purchases with their checking accounts. Visitors to the website we customize for your business will make spontaneous online payments or make recurring payments directly from their registered checking account.
  • Our mPaymentMate Mobile Solution
  • Accept check payments at your customers' locations, using our own mobile solution. With mPaymentMate™ (mobile PaymentMate), you can process electronic check transactions using TeleCheck and an iPad, iPhone or Android smart phone. You can also increase productivity with the ability to set up multiple processing accounts and streamline your invoice billing — all accessible from your mobile device.