Get Reports for Any Location with the PaymentMate Reporting Tools

Our Web Reporting

Our PaymentMate Reporting tools make reconciling easy, giving you full access to comprehensive check and card transaction reports from all locations of your business or organization. You can quickly view transaction history for credit card, debit card and check-processing transactions with any of these three options — our PaymentMate software, our PaymentMate Location Lookup™ service and our PaymentMate Web Reporting™ website.


PaymentMate Location Lookup

Our PaymentMate software shows real-time and batched transactions for one location. Reporting options include summaries by station, card type and batch summary. PaymentMate also includes the ability to reprint receipts, download reports you can open and edit in Microsoft® Excel® or other spreadsheet software, recharge cards on file, issue refunds and void transactions.

To see current and batched transactions for all locations in your business chain, simply add the PaymentMate Location Lookup feature to the software. Using our robust security set of more than 130 lock-down points, you can centrally control what users can perform which functions, including your Location Lookup users. (For example, you may desire to limit clerks from issuing voids and refunds and only allow managers using Location Lookup to do so.)

Location Lookup Features

  • Add this useful feature to the PaymentMate software already installed on your computer
  • Works with both check and card payment transactions
  • Search for transactions by location, date range, amount, card number, card name, authorization code, or transaction or customer identifier
  • Conveniently print reports or receipts for any location
  • Easily save reports for any location
  • View and edit saved reports in Microsoft Excel® or other spreadsheet software
  • Even refund or recharge card payments for any location

PaymentMate Web Reporting

Log in to our secure PaymentMate Web Reporting website at any time to view, print, or download and save comprehensive reports of all your batched transaction data from any of your processing locations. Select any example to the right to the view more details.

Web Reporting Advantages

  • Access the secure website from almost any device with an Internet connection
  • Uses your own web browser, so no software need be installed
  • Works with both Microsoft Windows and Apple® Mac® computers, laptops and tablets
  • Works with many smart phones, too
  • Quickly search for card or check payments by location and date range
  • Filter search results by computer name, or payment type — such as credit card, debit card, paper check or electronic check
  • View details of card and check payments, including digital images of checks
  • Print card or check transaction reports for any location
  • Download and save the transaction reports
  • View and edit downloaded reports in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software